Inspiration comes in many forms. At times we feel a lack of inspiration and an inevitable fashion slump ensues. Perhaps a shake up is in order. And taking old and new looks and mixing them up is a great way to reinvigorate a tired wardrobe. There are wardrobe staples that can spice up anything – […]

While thrifting in a cavernous warehouse somewhere near the Hackensack waterfront of Urban New Jersey, I found a dress. A sleeveless, shapeless, mustard maxi with a sparkling band under bust; way too big without binder clipping the back, for only $5. Of course I had to have it. But then I found the piece de […]

Often we associate musicians and actors as being the setters of trends. We see Gaga, as Madonna before her and Dietrich before all, pushing envelopes to the brink. What we don’t often see is what is behind these covetous, celebrity driven pieces of art, created, worn and made for mass devouring. But notwithstanding societal memes, […]

In fashion, style is defined as “a prevailing mode of expression.” As a genre, style is “a loose set of criteria for a category or composition.” In botany, style is defined as “a stalk structure in female flower parts.” How we, as female stalk structures, define style, is one of the most important factors in […]

They say history repeats itself. And the same is true for the revolving doors of trends and fashion that, although evolve, always harken back to a nostalgic time of distant memory. Such is true for many looks we love – the cloche, the chopine, and even Victorian boho hair that is represented numerous times throughout […]