I am surrounded by the daily grime and scum that is essential to create the crust of a true NYC native; and yet when cracked away – it is revealed the feminine, the romantic, the simply sexy and stunning. the boho chic – adept at dumpster diving and haute couture perusing all in the same beat. I can spend days on end in treasure troves of basements and garages, car trunks, mildew covered boxes, even in my very own home. Inspiration comes with varying degrees of emotion. Just flipping through an old college fashion project can remind me of what it is that inspires me. The senescent pictures with their yellowed, crackling skin, the stained fabrics that tell years of stories with each yard. I want to know every finger that laid upon the garment, who was hugged, what was discussed, where the world was at the time. It is others nostalgia I am after. I crave the lust for life that only exists in others travels. That is what I dream about – I implore others to share that feeling -which is why I started this blog. I can be contacted for fashion inquiries, history questions or to share a story of your own.

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