We are facing a new age. Times  have changed drastically during this decade and fashions have followed suit. Pre and post-war societies have  proven to be radically different. With the sinking of the Titanic, we see an end to the ideals of the upper-crust of society and Belle Epoque. The war to end all wars brought us into a liberating time socially and we MUST dress the part. We had to put away our evening wear and jewels to sympathize with the war movement and even saw women  joining the military! Well, it is about time we gain more freedom, wouldn’t you agree? Unfortunately, it has taken a world at war to create that freedom for us. The “Pasha of Paris,” Poiret gave us a lower bust line and exotic colors before the war, and with war raging on, we looked towards an age of simplicity. Hair must be short as we remember practicality. We halted the use of cosmetics and when out of uniform, we abided to a dress code of sweaters and hobble skirts. Although restricting, we remained ladies as much as possible.

The women who contributed to the war effort were being dressed in the Red Cross uniform. The motor car has become an important part of our changing role in society. We are out there pushing for the right to vote – and we hope our efforts will not be remiss. Hopefully within the post-war period we will see a great deal of change to our place in this world.


Well the war has ended, we have been given the right to vote and established ourselves as impor­tant figures in society. So, what to wear what to wear?! For all the young ladies out there,  this  is your time to shine.The war brought us a feeling of mass sorrow and making  the most of your youth is a must. Flappers are alltherageandweare eeing  the  onset  of  many



1newacceptance  for  sneak­

ing  those    flasks    in  your

1stockings  andtaking  your



Smoking    is   much    more




_   ’em!


Scott   Joplin’s    ragtime    is

Iverypopularnow anddanc­

ingwith  the  boysinyour

Ishort  skirts  isthe  coolest


1girdles,flatten  your  chest,

roll  down  your  socks  and

tunhook  your   golashes   and


rkeepin   our   eye  on   the


Iandthe”heroineofflaming’youth,”         Josephine   Baker.

Practice  your    Charleston

1·   and    Varsity      Drag.     The

chemiseistheneweststyle, with  the  tank  top  and  low waist.Beadingisalsopopu- lar.     Uneven       hem-lines,useless   trails                 and   fringes are     making         a        statement also.Makesureyouowna coche  hat  if  you  are  any-one  with  a  sense  of  style andkeephairinashortbob orcropandfeelfreetouse hennadyes. The  movies  are  mod-ernizing       ‘th  th ·t      dWI        eInrouc-tlon    of                ‘Talkies.”     Garbo passesthetest,ClaraBow is       adorable       and    Louise Brooks         has   the   trendiest look.Max  Factor  hascreat ed   makeup   to     keep youlookmglikethestars. Ifyouhaven’theardof Coco  Chane!,  you  will.  She isguaranteed  tobea   sue cess   for      women         of       all time.Her   designs   are  tran- scendingclass,gender,  day andnight.Sheisevenmix-

ingcostumejunk  with  real jewels!andherperfume Chane!no.5isdelicious

amgoingtomakeapredic­ tionthatthelittleblack dressisgoingtobethesign ofclassicbeautyforyears tocome.Sheisrevolution­ aryl  Suntans  are  a  must


andJeanPatouinvented  ‘ toperfectthelook.Sogo wildgirls,thisisthetimeto enjoylife,itmaynotlastto come

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