We are facing a new century and a great age is foreseen for women. Europe is the epicenter of arts and refinement and Belle Epoque is reaching its height. We all know “life is a style” and for those of  us that love to dress our best, Charles Worth has yet again given us a collection of lush clothes in velvets and rich  with embroidery.

Huge sleeves and wide skirts are making the waists tinier than ever, so ladies, tighten those corsets! We all want that perfect ‘S’shape.The new Tiffany cat­alogue is brimming with elegant tiaras and rose-cut stones, so save your pen­nies.

For you college girls, tailor-mades are all the rage and skirts and shirts are high in demand. These ready-mades come from the United States, and can be purchased at Marshall Fields. Hair should be piled high or tucked under a big hat, representing the trendiest  ideal in fashion. We want to see all of you Gibson girls doing your best in the world, so don’t forget  natural is the way to go.

For those of you who favor theatrical opulence, there is a new face on the scene in Paris. We all adored the costume design of the Ballets Russes, done by  the great Leon Bakst. For those of us who can afford them, Paul Poiret, who worked  for   the House  of Worth, has captured some of  those ravishing colors and embroidery and is even loosening corsets! Ladies, watch those morals! Don’t forget waists should be 18″ and cleavage well hidden.

There is an exotic influence from  the Orient. Kimono sleeves end empire tunics are coming on the scene. We are also seeing Turkish harem pants and hobble skirts in Poiret’s collection. Let’s hope he doesn’t get those Worth boys jealous.

So have fun shopping and remember you are a flower so keep your hair curly, your waist tiny, your bosom hidden  and your man happy.

Women of Style


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